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Care for a Game?(Crossover. Elle/Gambit.)

Title: Care for a Game?
Fandom(s): Heroes/X-Men.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Elle Bishop/Remy 'Gambit' Lebeau.
Rating: PG.
Spoiler(s)/Warning(s): None really...unless you haven't seen any of the Trailers for X-Men Origins...cause this is kinda based of a similar scene in one of them...just say. Just a little...lol...not really XD.
Author Notes: Right...Well I was picturing movie!Gambit(from Origins) as I wrote this very short piece, but since I don't know how fitting his personality is in the movie compared to the comic and cartoon versions...this can be any version!Remy :p.
For: galorechallenge, Using Elle's prompts for the Heroes/X-Men section: touch.

Care for a Game?

“Care to deal me in?” The little blonde asked, taking a seat at the empty table.

The man looked up from his hat, a smirk playing on his lips, “For a pretty chere like you, Remy be glad to.”

He was a charmer; she had to admit, never taking his shadowed eyes away from her as he dealt her the cards. With a smile, she peaked at the three cards before sliding them back towards him.

“Actually I’m not here for a game of cards,” she declared, leaning forward with an elbow on the table and her chin propped up by her palm. Effectively causing the desired reaction as the man’s eyes drifted to her chest.

Remy licked his lips, meeting the blonde’s blue gaze, “Whatcha got in mind petite?”

“Oh,” she paused for effect, blue eyes dancing with excitement from the game they were about the play, “just a little of this and a little of that, you know?”

He chuckled, his eyes flashed to a blood red color before returning to their normal brown, “Remy be up to any game Elle,” he winked, “you should know dis.”

Clapping her hands together, Elle stood from the table and crossed the short distance to him, the Cajun watching her every move as she stopped beside him to grab his hand. She only needed to give his hand a tug once before Remy pocketed his playing deck and allowed the petite blonde to drug him from the bar.

Tags: fandom: crossover, fandom: heroes, fandom: x-men, heroes/xmen: elle bishop/gambit, heroes_char: elle bishop, length: 100-500 words, marvel_char: remy lebeau(gambit), rating: general, type: het
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