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08 September 2008 @ 09:15 pm
What Did You Want? (1/1) (High School Musical. Ryan/Sharpay.)  
Title: What did you want?
Fandom: High School Musical.
Rating: PG-13.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ryan Evans/Sharpay Evans.
Spoiler(s)/Warning(s): Incest.
Author Notes: Written for incest50. Prompt: 41. Forgiveness. My table is here.

What did you want?

She leaned against the doorframe of his room. The thin and lanky boy rested in his bed with his back pressed against the headboard of the bed, legs crossed loosely in front of him and attention drawn to the magazine held in his hands. Her eyes traveled up the expose pale chest of her brother and she sighed.

"What do you want Sharpay?" He asked, peering around the magazine at his younger sister by a minute.

Sharpay stopped herself from flinching at the harsh tone in his voice. She took a breath, her mask in place as she pushed off the doorframe and took slow steps into the room.

"Are you still mad at me, Ryan?" She asked, sounding indifferent.

Ryan scoffed, tossing the magazine aside as he lost interest in it the moment he sensed her presence, "Of course I'm still mad. You pulled a lot of shit Sharpay."

She shrugged, lowering herself to the edge of his bed; "it was only for the greater good."

He huffed, blue eyes narrowed at the girl, "Greater good? Please, Sharpay you were only aiming to get into the pants of Troy Bolton."

Ryan said the name with so much venom; Sharpay couldn't stop herself from smiling just slightly. All the nerves she had felt before coming into the room vanished. She leaned forward meeting his anger gaze, "Are you jealous Ryan?"

He scowled, reaching out for his sisters’ wrist and tugging her forcefully beside him. She stared up at him in shock as he covered her, being sure to leave her no room to make an escape.

"What did you really come in here for Sharpay?"

She looked away with her own scowl, "I came to say that I was sorry for the way I treated you but you can forget about it now."

Her twin shook as he tried to contain his laughter; Sharpay glared up at him but said nothing as he finally allowed himself to laugh. Ryan shook his head, knowing this was as good as an apology that he would ever get from his sister.

"I forgive you." He mumbled and she blinked.


"I forgive you," Ryan repeated leaning forward and pressing his lips against her. Sharpay shifted beneath him and he released his hold on her wrists. His sister's arms wrapping around him in an instant.

"You're an ass, Ryan." She whispered harshly against his lips the moment they broke apart.

He shrugged with a charming smile; "I'll forgive you for that too."

The little blonde giggled beneath him, pulling him down for another kiss.

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